World Breastfeeding Week 2019 Day 4

By Natalie Edmundson Photography |

Birth Photographer Grovetown GA

Welcome back! I am catching up on my blogs for World Breastfeeding Week 2019. Breastfeeding has many wonderful benefits for both mom and baby! However, not every mother can breastfeed for varying reasons. Many moms find they must supplement or are exclusively pumping. The expectations we place on ourselves as new mothers can be overwhelming and detrimental to our own health.  Having an encouraging network of friends and family to turn to for support is vital. Instead of judging others lets help build each other up.

“Nursing was easy in the beginning. My son latched well, and we thought all was good. Only it felt like he wanted to nurse for hours and didn’t seem to be gaining weight. At his 2-month checkup he had only gained 1.5 pounds and I was growing more concerned. I decided to pump and bottle feed, and he gained 3 pounds in a month! Pumping was both physically and emotionally taxing. I kept telling myself I only had to make it to 6 months. The months seemed to be crawling with every pumping session, but we finally made it to my goal."

"I am fortunate to still supply about half of his milk while supplementing the rest with formula. We only ‘nurse’ for comfort now (to be honest, it’s more my comfort than his). I’m doing my best to take each day as it comes and let go of the expectations, I had for myself in the beginning. My only goal is to feed my son and as you can see, we are doing quite well!”