Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Newborn Photographer

By Natalie Edmundson Photography |

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For most first-time parents, the birth of their newborn baby can leave them with an overwhelming feeling of emotion. From the moment their child enters the world, the joy and excitement grips not just the young couple but the entire family as well. Those precious first seconds, minutes and hours provide unforgettable memories. To treasure these moments for a lifetime, many hire a newborn photographer to achieve exceptional shots.

A qualified professional will not only capture candid, high-quality shots but they also create a conducive, comfortable environment to ensure the baby is safe and the photoshoot is a success. However, as a cost-saving measure, people choose to work with an inexperienced photographer or trust their friends or family with photography, and they end up with low-resolution images taken from unflattering angles.

To help you avoid schoolboy errors and achieve frame-worthy photos, Natalie Edmundson Photography has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a newborn photographer.

1. Hiring someone with no knowledge and skill of posing newborns.

Many photographers in the market aren’t specialized with the knowledge and skills required to handle and position a newborn safely. It’s critical that your newborn photographer is someone you trust like a doctor or midwife. Photographers who dedicate their specialty in newborn photography should be competent with the safety elements and know which poses require an assistant or even a composite shot where editing creates the outcome.

As a mother of two and a newborn photographer, I have years of experience in handling, soothing, and making babies feel comfortable. I also carefully pick props and utilize them in the studio to ensure the safety of your child. The safety of your baby is of utmost importance to me, and that is why I specialize in this field of photography. Besides, I am constantly refreshing my learning throughout the years by attending workshops to help me fine-tune the art of posing newborns.

2. Waiting for the last minute to book your session.

Newborn sessions take place typically between five to fourteen-day old babies, which eventually results in the sweet and sleepy posed photographs that we all love.

I recommend expectant parents to schedule a session with me after their gender scan, which typically happens between fifteen and twenty weeks of pregnancy. By booking early, it provides me plenty of time to secure a spot on my calendar and gives you one less task to worry about as you approach your due date.

3. Trusting your family to click pictures.

Don’t entrust your family or friends to capture your newborn session. It doesn’t mean your friends or family cannot take pictures, but it is always better to reserve the newborn poses and family shots that you want to display to a professional photographer that specializes in newborns. Newborn photography has many elements to it such as safely handling and posing newborns, understanding specific lighting techniques, using the right props and outfits, and of course “me” the baby whisperer to soothe and calm the baby.

4. Choosing a photographer merely on recommendations.

Don’t let the opinions and recommendations of others be the sole factor for hiring a photographer. To ensure you hire the best, you need to do your homework and research photographers in your area. It is essential to find out their style before you meet them. I recommend consulting your photographer before your session, whether it is via Skype, phone, or in person. It allows you to experience the work environment and see if they are the best fit for your photography needs.

I always try to meet my expectant moms in the studio for a consultation. It allows moms to familiarize themselves with my personality and reassures them to hire me.

5. Hiring a photographer solely on price.

This mistake can often be disastrous. Baby shoots require many aspects, and if you add all these elements together, it can become costly. It’s not uncommon for families to tighten the budget when it comes to photography. I remind parents that it is a special occasion and a once-in-a-lifetime event, so they owe it to themselves and their baby to document it entirely before the memory of it fades and is lost.

Photography is an investment as it will provide lifelong cherished moments that can be passed on for generations. If you skip this option or choose the cheapest option, you will regret the decision instantly. It’s an area where you want to get the upgrades, the extras, and be able to share it with your friends and families. As a professional in the industry, I focus on capturing gorgeous images, by providing a full customer experience, rather than a service based on price alone. I am confident in the value that I offer as a photographer and believe that you pay for what you get.

As your newborn will be the apple of your eye, you need to avoid unnecessary mistakes and unprofessional shoots. To ensure this happens, reach out to Natalie Edmundson Photography, a leading baby photographer based in Georgia. My photography services are customizable and include maternity, first forty-eight hours, new-born, children and family shoots. I serve clients across Grovetown, Evans, Augusta, North Augusta, Harlem, Martinez, Thomson, Aiken, and South Carolina regions.

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