Busted! Don’t Believe These Birth Photography Myths

By Natalie Edmundson Photography |

Birth Photographer Grovetown GA

The birth of a new-born child has to go down as one of the most cherished experiences of your life and hiring a birth photographer to capture these magical moments will bring a lifetime of happy memories to you and your partner.

Unfortunately, many people pass on hiring a birth photographer, based on pressure from family members or not fully understanding the process. This lack of understanding has led to the perpetuation of misconceptions about birth photography. Moreover, as it is a niche market, it has added to the apprehension people experience.

As a leading baby photographer, Natalie Edmundson Photography understands your fears and wants to help you make educated decisions about capturing the moment your baby enters the world. To do so, I have debunked three of the most widely believed birth photography myths.

Myth 1: Birth photography is too gross to be a keepsake.

People wonder why anyone would want to capture the gory and gross photographs of childbirth, which surprises me. Delivering a baby is a fascinating part of the journey of motherhood. Birth photographers record special moments of emotions and expressions to help tell your unique birth story. Small details such as couples holding hands during a contraction, the reactions to your baby’s first cry, and those sweet moments of you bonding with your baby are priceless.

There are often so many things happening during the birth that it's easy to forget to capture it, so having a birth photographer is helpful. Think back to your wedding day, do you remember it all? Off course not! Lucky you hired a photographer and the same should go for other momentous milestones in your life, like welcoming a child into the world.

Couples, who are expecting to welcome a child soon, regularly come and consult with me. During the meeting, I reassure them that they will barely notice me in the room, as I am skilled not to disturb the birthing space. Also, most people fear shots where private parts are visible. However, you’d be surprised how talented birth photographers are at shooting from the right angles to omit unwanted images in the frame. It allows you peace of mind, and it makes these images shareable.

Myth 2: Anyone can capture birth photos.

In this day and age where nearly everyone owns a smartphone, many feel that there is no need to spend money on hiring a professional birth photographer when someone special like the husband or mother can click some photos.

However, if that particular person is clicking photos, then they will not be able to support you through the labor and will be missing from most of the pictures. Many people don’t realize this until the moment has already gone. Hiring a professional birth photographer will aim to alleviate the stress of an already busy and emotional day.

A birth photographer knows the importance of the day and is skilled in producing professional shots, unlike an amateur photographer. Birth photographers also are equipped with the proper gear to capture images in all different birthing environments, whether it’s at home, delivering in a laboring room or the operating room.

Myth 3: Most hospitals don’t allow birth photographers.

You may feel that most hospitals do not allow birth photography, but it is becoming more common, and hospitals and doctors are allowing birth photographers inside the labor rooms. It is true that some hospitals and doctors have policies against videotaping births in the operating room. However, photography is often allowed by the doctor’s consent. It is better to ask your midwife/doctor ahead of time and explain how important it is to you. Doctors are usually ok to have a photographer if it is not a last minute request. I have personally conducted birth photography in three local hospitals and have faced no issues from doctors.

I hope this article eases your fears about birth photography and you consider reaching out to a birth photographer, to save your precious photographs for posterity. As a leading baby photographer based in Georgia, Natalie Edmundson Photography serves clients across Grovetown, Evans, Augusta, North Augusta, Harlem, Martinez, Thomson, Aiken, and South Carolina regions. My photography services are customizable and include maternity, first forty-eight hours, newborns, children, and family shoots.

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