World Breastfeeding Week Day 3

By Natalie Edmundson Photography |

Birth Photographer Grovetown GA

Happy Thursday! Continuing our celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, I had the pleasure of doing a lifestyle nursing session with this sweet mother and her baby girl. Below she has shared her experiences with breastfeeding. I also added a few highlights from their intimate nursing session!

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“I nursed my first baby who had a great latch from the beginning. I didn’t have to worry too much about covering her because she knew what to do. However, the North Carolina heat makes it dangerous to nurse outside covered so I would go to stores for A/C. Unfortunately, I got a lot of looks and comments, and I retreated into the store’s bathrooms. One of the most significant issues I faced was returning to work where I had trouble accessing a clean place and enough time to pump. I was forced to pump in a bathroom stall during my 10-minute breaks and 30-minute lunch break; this left little to no time eat a meal for myself.

My second child has been more challenging. She started with a good latch at the hospital and nursed well. My milk took a while to come in after coming home from the hospital, which brought issues of my baby being fussy and led to my nipples bleeding and blisters. I tried supplementing with different formulas, all of which projected out of her nose, eyes, and mouth. It didn’t matter if we burped her, kept her upright between feedings, etc. The formula also constipated her for three days which meant we were up all day and night with her to comfort her. When my milk finally came, my nipples were still in poor shape, so I pumped. The nipple flow on bottles seemed too fast for her, and a lot ended up on her bib. She lost quite a bit of weight, and we had to go in frequently for weight checks. When I finally could nurse again, her latch had changed. She would get frustrated when milk wasn’t coming out as fast and would pull away. I would have to pull her off and relatch. She nursed so frequently that if we did go places, there was a good chance I would nurse 2-4 times while out. Covering wasn’t even an option at first because she was still learning. My breasts are larger than when I had my first. I was shocked when the hospital staff told me I needed to check my position with her frequently as to not suffocate her. The football hold would cover her little nose. Covering would also not allow me to position her well or help her latch. So, I opted to stay home most of the first two months with her. I’ve become braver about feeding in public. I don’t get as many stares or comments as before. I do use a cover when initially preparing to latch her or when she’s finished for fear someone will cause a fuss about it.

I’m so thankful for the people who have helped to legalize nursing in public. What a relief for all nursing mommies!!!”